Over 30 years of innovation

As the pioneers of the electric buggy industry we continually strive to supply our loyal customer base, transcending all age groups, with proven PowaKaddy innovation and cutting-edge designs, fused with the latest technology. Through an unerring obsession with perfection, close attention to detail, rigorous testing and an unrivalled passion for the game, we continue to set the standard in electric buggy innovation to this very day.

The power of heritage

Making the game more enjoyable is in our DNA and that ethos has seen PowaKaddy maintain its position as the No.1 name in golf trolleys and associated accessories for over 30 years. As the best-selling brand in over 50 countries worldwide, we are driven to deliver the perfect combination of ‘best in class’ performance and user-friendly functionality at outstanding value.

Pack more power into your game

Performing to the best of your ability demands more than just skill and what you do between shots is crucial to your game. Through intelligent design and advanced technology, our range of electric buggies helps you to conserve energy, avoid unnecessary injuries and transport your equipment with the utmost ease. All you have to do is focus on the one thing that matters – enjoying your game.

Conserve energy

With the vast majority of your time on the course spent walking, tiredness can have a very real effect on your performance, something often ignored by golfers. PowaKaddy’s extremely lightweight and ergonomic PowaFrame™ and innovative Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System™ ensure that the only energy you expend is on your swing. With fuel in reserve, you’ll have the added edge over your playing partners who choose to carry.

Injury prevention

The average golf bag weighs between 10-20kg, so it’s little wonder that golfers are prone to stiff, painful shoulders and nagging back injuries. Add extreme weather conditions and uneven terrain into the mix and carrying your equipment becomes an even greater hindrance. It’s time to let PowaKaddy take the strain, allowing you to walk at a comfortable pace while, at the same time, keeping fit and significantly reducing your risk of injury.

A weight of your shoulders

With a PowaKaddy electric buggy, you can literally transport your entire golfing arsenal around the course, without having to bear the load yourself. We all know that choosing to carry a golf bag limits the equipment we can take out onto the golf course, which can often catch-out the unassuming golfer when adverse weather conditions strike. With a ground-breaking PowaKaddy buggy, you can take on the elements without compromising your game.

The choice of champions

As Official Buggy Supplier to England Golf and The UK PGA, we will once again ensure that the best equipment is placed at the fingertips of the country’s elite Amateurs and UK PGA Pros. Each member of England Golf’s men’s and ladies’ Performance Squads will take to the fairways in competition this season with an added edge over the competition, equipped with their very own customised PowaKaddy electric buggy.